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  • Is your child unhappy at school?
  • Is your child bullied or worried about being bullied?
  • Are you told your child is under-achieving or behind their classmates?
  • Does your child feel bored or held back in some areas?
  • Are Special Educational Needs not being met?
  • Is your child suffering stress because of exam anxiety or pressure of fitting in?
  • Does family life seem dictated to by school timetables and policy?
  • Is school philosophy of when and how to teach sensitive subject areas such as religion, sex & relationships at odds with yours?
  • Fed up with the daily morning fight to get out the door for the school runs, restricted family time and holidays, tired & stressed children, lack of time and opportunity for your children to fully explore their passions and interests?
  • Do you have issues not being resolved in school?
  • Do you spend more time moaning about school rather than singing its praises?

If you answered yes to any of the above, maybe you need a change.

It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and feel that there are no other options, where we rely on what we are familiar with, even though deep down we know we are not really happy in our current situation. It can feel safer following the expected norm, when in fact something inside tells you it doesn't feel quite right or that there could be a better way.
As an adult if your job is not working out for you, if you are unhappy, stressed, not fitting in, not enjoying or feeling motivated about your work, made to feel a failure, bullied... you have the option to leave!  Wouldn’t you look to change jobs?

You and your children don't have to endure an unhappy and stressful situation on a daily basis.

There is another option.

In the UK education is compulsory but attending school is not.

We can give support and guidance as you consider or begin your education at home.

Mainstream is not the only stream of education.

There are many other successful routes into further education and employment.  
They can be more meaningful and less stressful, because you and your child can be in the driving seat.
Zena & Emma
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