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Anxiety & Stress
We all experience stressful moments in our life.  We recognise immediately the physical feelings and sensations we are experiencing and the effects it can have. Although we may remember these specific key moments of high stress, we do in fact constantly experience a low level of stress as part of our normal everyday motivation and survival.  A small amount of stress is what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning, get to our appointments or meet deadlines on time. If we perceive a threat, we are glad to have our ‘fight or flight’ response kick in and keep us out of harm’s way.

However, there is a tipping point where excessive and prolonged anxiety and stress can become debilitating, negatively affecting our everyday lives.

We can suffer with extreme anxiety or panic attacks related to specific events such as public speaking, exams, driving tests, job interviews etc.

We can also suffer with prolonged generalised anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorders.

Anxiety and stress can affect our relationships and family life, work and social life. When we have been suffering with high levels of anxiety for a long time it can be very damaging both mentally and physically.
Stress free
Symptoms of anxiety may include:
·       Persistent worry that won’t go away
·       Excessive worry, out of proportion to the situation
·       Over-thinking, always imagining ‘worst-case’ scenarios
·       Feelings of restlessness, on edge
·       Feeling irritable
·       Having ‘foggy brain’, hard to concentrate
·       Feeling overwhelmed
·       Feeling tearful
·       Loss of libido
·       Sleeping problems
·       Lack of motivation
Physical symptoms may include:
·       Muscle tension and aches
·       Headaches
·       Difficulty sleeping
·       Fatigue
·       Upset stomach, nausea, diarrhoea
·       Palpitations
·       Sweating
·       Dizziness
·       Breathlessness
·       Trembling, easily startled
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help
Please get in touch if you would like professional help with overcoming any stress or anxiety related issue you are currently suffering with.  
Using practical, well-researched modern techniques combining Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy we can work together to reduce your anxiety and your symptoms and help you start feeling better.
I can help you learn how to change your thinking around, see things from a different perspective, feel more in control, more confident and calm.  
Together we can concentrate on how you want your life to be, moving towards a more positive future.
"I can feel reduced trauma anxiety, taking body out of the ‘fight, flight’ mode.  My nervous system is finally calming down. Breathing has improved. Physical health is slowly improving.  I am able to deal with challenging situations much better.   I feel so honoured to have been lucky enough to work with Zena, learn these life changing techniques to reprogram my brain back to positive & be empowered to live a better happier life.  I am eternally grateful."  (April 2021, UK)
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