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Dedicated programme for ongoing support

Some families benefit from regular ongoing support, particularly in the first few months of starting to home educate.

Whatever your reasons are for deciding to home educate, in the beginning there are many questions:

Where do I find resources?  
What should my child learn?  
Can we do exams?  
What does a typical home ed day look like?  
How do I get my child interested in learning?  
What if I'm not clever enough?
Is there any support?
What if my child refuses to study? ...

You may have an idea of what your home education is going to look like, only to find your best laid plans are not going...well quite to plan.

I can answer the questions you have as you start this new journey with your child and as your journey changes and develops.
I have many years of experience in supporting families with their home education and can offer valuable insights, support, learning strategies and solutions to suit your individual circumstances.

The mentor programme begins with a one hour consultation to discuss your home educating needs, where you currently are and where you would like to aim for, challenges, potential solutions and any other aspect of home education you would like to discuss.  
I am happy to meet with you in person or if more convenient use a virtual setting.

After the first consultation a follow-up email will be sent to you with any information, resources or sign-posting discussed.

Each month I'll keep in touch to see how your home education is going and we can discuss what support you need. Phone or online consultations can be booked and I will send you any further information you need.  

With your personalised support package, I can help guide you through your home education journey.  
Together we can...
  • review your learning strategies and ideas
  • explore options available to you at different stages of your child's learning
  • discuss resources and exams
  • discover the pathways into further education, college or work that best suits your child
  • explore ways to connect with other home educating families and activities near you
  • seek solutions around balancing your home education with other work and family commitments
  • work to overcome any challenges as they arise
  • tackle issues around your child's motivation to learn
  • give you the confidence with your home education, so you can enjoy the freedom it gives you and your family - free from the constraints of old 'school' thinking.

You will realise just how empowering your decision to home educate can be for the whole family.

Contact me now to find out more.  I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Looking for a one-off private consultation...

+00 012 345 678

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