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Home education Parent Support Group

Home Education Parent Support Group

So you’ve decided to home educate - now what?

There are a whole range of reasons why families choose to home educate.
Perhaps you just know it feels the right decision because your child was struggling at school.
Maybe you disagree with the 'teaching to the test' and exam culture within mainstream education.
Maybe your child's special needs were not being met or they were worried about bullying?
Maybe they started developing anxiety or social phobias and you have watched them slowly disengage more and more with family, friends and the things they used to like to do.
Maybe you felt you had no choice.

You have taken positive action and removed them from school, you’ve heard about de-schooling and child-led learning, but you may be looking at a child who seems reluctant to engage in anything.

Maybe you find yourself battling with them to come off consoles or are worried they spend too much time alone in their room.
You may be wondering how you are going to reach out to them and help them start learning again.

I invite you to join my facebook group WakeUp2Life_New to Home Education  where I offer strategies and step by step approaches that work. Be part of a community learning the tools to help our children re-engage with their learning and get practical and emotional support with your home educating.

Come and make important connections with others who understand the challenges you face.

The group is also for you if you haven't made your mind up yet about home educating.
I'm sure you have a head full of questions!  
Find the answers, in order to gain more confidence in your decision to home educate.

Get relevant information, advice and ongoing support from Zena - an experienced home educator.

HE Parent support group
Support with home education
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