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Hypnotherapy can help with
Exam Stress
Supporting your child on the run up to and through their exams.

Pressure to do well in exams can feel very overwhelming. Young people can start to lose confidence and self-esteem, and left unchecked can escalate into panic attacks, just at the thought of entering the exam room.

The teenage years are already quite a stressful time, as your young person transitions from a child into adult life; trying to make sense of all the complexities of the modern world and wrestling with their raging hormones. Exam time and the weeks leading up to them, can be the final straw, with this extra challenge feeling too hard to cope with.
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Symptoms of Exam Stress may include:

·       Anxious feelings
·       Being irritable or angry
·       Disengaged from family & friends
·       Sleeping problems
·       Low mood
·       Quiet and withdrawn
·       Changes to eating habits
·       No interest in things they used to enjoy
·       Problems concentrating
·       Migraines and headaches
·       Fatigue
·       Feeling sick
·       Lack of self-esteem
·       Worry about the future
And there be other emotional and/or physical symptoms, not listed above.
Worry about exams and the results is quite normal, as is a small amount of stress, as this is our bodies' natural way of encouraging us to feel motivated and get things done.

Unfortunately, sometimes exam stress can escalate resulting in a range of unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms. It can even cause your young person to suffer with full blown panic attacks, heart palpitations and nausea.

As the anxiety builds with the exams looming, it can start to take over their whole life, affecting not only school/college but also their personal and family life. Their behaviour can change and it can start to get harder and harder to know how to support them, especially if they don't want to talk about it.

If your young person is showing signs that they are struggling to cope, they may need some help to stop the anxiety and panic from undoing all their hard work and study.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help
Empowering them to enter the exam room with more confidence in their ability, and remain calm and focused.

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