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Hypnotherapy audio sessions
Self hypnosis audios are the perfect way to give yourself the boost you need
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, as you have to be a willing participant for it to be effective.
There are of course advantages to working with me in person, through live hypnotherapy sessions - as we can work together to tailor each session to your specific individual needs as you progress towards your desired outcomes.
However, there is also much benefit to be gained from using self-hypnosis audios to help you connect to your mind and body - helping you to relax and focus your attention on the change you want.
But where do you begin?
The audios below are carefully created hypnotherapy audio sessions which guide you through the whole process.

How often should I listen to the hypnotherapy audio?
Although there is no right or wrong answer, the more regularly you listen to the audio the more benefit you will gain. Each audio is between 20 - 25 minutes long and I recommend that in the beginning you set aside this small amount of time for yourself every day and you should soon start experiencing the results you desire.
Think of it like learning a new skill or exercising at the gym, the more you repeat the exercise the better the results!
Confidence & Self Esteem
Sometimes our confidence can take a knock and it can prevent us from living life to the full. It might mean we don't speak up at work or socially, so always feel we are the ones compromising on what we really want or how we feel.
Maybe you want to say yes! But find yourself saying no, because it feels too scary or you think you're not good enough.
Or maybe you say yes all too often, agreeing to things you don't really want to do, because you lack the confidence to say no!
Perhaps you find yourself saying 'sorry' a lot or feel guilty that you want more or something different.
It is possible to change your mindset!
You can feel more confident and have a better sense of self-worth and self-belief.
The Confidence & Self-Esteem audio can help you boost your inner confidence, begin to value yourself, your abilities and your ideas more, in all situations.
Self Hypnosis Audios
Boost your Confidence & Self Esteem - Confidence and self-belief are the key to success!
We all need a confidence boost from time to time to help us deal with whatever life has in store. Sometimes we can get caught in the trap of negative thinking, feel self-doubt creeping in, over-think everything and worry. This audio will help you by using the amazing power of your own subconscious mind to turn your thinking around, become more self-assured, trust yourself and reconnect you with your skills and abilities - helping you to believe in yourself again and what you are truly capable of.
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