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Hypnotherapy can help
Safe and effective approach
Can achieve positive results in a short space of time

I can help you relax, worry less and feel calmer. See things from a new perspective. Break the cycle of anxiety and dread.
Regain control of your life.

Help to reduce hot flushes, improve quality of sleep, feel less anxious, improve mood swings & low mood
Regain confidence & sense of self

Help free you from limiting fear. Regain calm & control and feel more confident & self-assured.
Start living the way you want without fear holding you back

Help to reduce symptoms of pain. Increase energy levels, regain control & cope better with daily tasks.
Feel more relaxed and start enjoying life again
What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?
A safe and effective psychotherapeutic approach that can achieve positive results in a short space of time.  
As opposed to other therapies that dig-in to your past and concentrate on analysing problems, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on the present and the future, moving you towards your desired goals and solutions.
Sessions are a collaborative process, using a powerful combination of Psychotherapy (a kind of 'talking' therapy) and Hypnosis to reduce anxiety, calm the mind and focus the power of our thoughts towards making significant, positive changes for a better life.

Can hypnotherapy help with physical conditions?
Yes - although Hypnotherapy cannot cure physical conditions or illnesses, our minds and bodies are inextricably linked. If we are suffering with anxiety or stress, then both our minds and bodies may suffer. If we are in a chronic state of stress with elevated adrenaline and cortisol, then not only can our symptoms of physical conditions feel worse, but our immune system may also become weakened. Prolonged chronic stress can cause headaches, painful tension in muscles and joints, can upset our gastrointestinal system, elevate blood pressure, indeed it can disrupt almost all of our body's processes.
Hypnotherapy can be used as a complimentary therapy, alongside conventional medical treatments if appropriate, to help reduce stress and anxiety and thereby reduce some of the symptoms you may be suffering with.

If you are suffering with a physical condition or illness, or have upcoming surgery or medical treatments that your are feeling anxious about please do get in touch to see how hypnotherapy can help.
Myth #1
You can be made to do and say things against your will
Myth #2
You can get stuck in hypnotic trance and not wake up.
Myth #3
Not everyone can be hypnotised
Myth #4
I won't remember anything the hypnotherapist said
Myth #5
You are unconcious or asleep when in hypnosis
Myth #6
Hypnosis can cure everything
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